Contact:  Kathy Fox Downs
Fox Fabrique
19564 Eighth St East
Sonoma Ca 95476
707 938 8838

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Fox Fabrique was founded in 1983.  

Initially we produced outstanding bags to carry racer's safety gear:
helmets, suits, shoes and gloves.  Our bags are roomy, durable,
easily logo-ed and personalized, and washable.  Top racers in the
United States and abroad have used the bags for 25 years.  

Our customers encouraged us to expand our business into crew uniforms, and we have
been making uniforms for racing crews ever since.  We have expanded into the
tournament fishing world, providing outstanding uniforms for top tournament fishermen in
the United States and Japan.  We use a high-thread count poplin fabric for our shirts
because it is light weight and durable. Our fabric is wash-and-wear so smaller teams can
easily care for their shirts while they are on the road.

Then we branched into corporate and small business clothing. We provide outstanding
working clothes from all major manufacturers. We look for clothing that is top quality and
hard working.  

Our full service embroidery department provides top quality embroidery for all our
customers.  We added screen printing some years ago to provide a broader range of
products to meet our customers' budgets.  And most recently we have added promotional
products to our line. We are now truly a one stop shop for managing your brand and
making your logo work for you.

Our focus has always been to provide outstanding, high-quality products at a fair price.
We constantly strive to maintain that goal.  
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