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Custom Competition Shirts by Fox
Fabrique are the perfect choice for teams
looking for the professional racing or
tournament shirt. They are cool, light
weight, comfortable to wear and easy to
care for. They are machine washable and
can be worn without ironing.
We chose a high-thread-count blended poplin fabric,
65%polyester/35%cotton, which makes the shirts long
lasting and tough enough for race mechanics. We also
have 100% pima cotton fabric as well as mid-weight
poplins available for crews that need the comfort of cotton
or the additional crisp look of the heavier weight shirts.
Our fabric is available in more than 40 colors so we can
coordinate with your car and sponsor colors.

We cut our Custom Competition Shirts wide across the
shoulders and long in the tail so working crews have the
room they need to work effectively in their shirts. We use 7
buttons to close the fronts so there are no gaps. And we
use Velcro to close the shirts under the embroidery when
the front is embroidered, so the logo will match properly.
Custom Competition Shirts are available in sizes Toddler 2
through 4XL
When you choose a Custom Competition Shirt from Fox Fabrique, you have lots of options to
structure the shirt especially for you. Our
Custom Crew Shirt Catalog explains all the options to
consider when designing your shirts. If what you want isn't shown, just ask. Competition shirt
pictures and pricing examples are shown on our photo page. In the pricing examples you can see
how a shirt can get more complicated while maintaining the same color scheme. And we also
have some photos of interesting and unusual shirt designs we have done.
Fox Fabrique has been designing and making crew shirts for the automotive racing industry for
20 years. Our sister company, Downs Engineering, has been competing in motorsports for 30
years so all our products are thoroughly track tested before we sell them. And after 20 years we
have a lot of customers who have race-tested our clothes too.

We have found that, at least in racing, the shirts last easily a couple of seasons, and we have
customers who have worn them for 6 years or more. The fabric will fade in the sun, all fabric does,
so after a while the fading will make new shirts important.

If the crew shirts are not heavily embroidered, they can be washed and dried in your home dryer.
If you remove them from the dryer promptly and hang them, they rarely need ironing. If they are
heavily embroidered, or if they sit in the dryer, touching up with an iron will make them look better.

The colors shouldn't’t bleed. Over the years we have had maybe two instances where red fabric
bled onto white. In general bleeding can happen if wet shirts are left in a heap - and bleeding can
come from either the fabric or the embroidery thread. For that reason we recommend not leaving
the shirts wet in the washer. Or if they are wet from fishing, hang them so they don’t bleed or
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