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Stock Designs

We offer over 1000 stock embroidery designs from the embroidery stock designs library. Designs
are sorted by category, so whether you are interested in mascots or flowers, there is a design that
can work for you. If you need a stock design that is not already in our library, there is a small set-up
charge for this service. Lettering can be added to stock designs to personalized the image for your
specific use.

Stock Lettering

Lettering is available using the standard lettering fonts included in our embroidery library, as well
as most TrueType fonts found in your computer. We can manipulate the fonts to create a custom
look for you.  For best results we recommend choosing a font with bold columns.  And remember
there are size limitations for fonts, so keep you message simple.
Embroidery - the look professionals choose!

Embroidery adds a special touch to your professional image and
emphasizes the attention you have given to your appearance. At
Fox Fabrique we believe embroidery enhances everything and we
are dedicated to providing the highest quality embroidery services
for you and your company.
Screen Printing - for shirts that work hard

There are plenty of uses where screen printing is a better
option than embroidery. Tee shirts, and sweatshirts are
excellent products to print rather than embroider.  When
your job means getting dirty, and your work wardrobe needs
to be replaced frequently, printing can be a more cost
effective solution.  And if you want to give away shirts to
promote your business or an event, tee shirts can be the

We print shirts using direct screen printing or heat transfers.  
New technology makes the current generation of heat
transfers virtually indistinguishable from direct screen
printing, so we can accommodate small tee shirt orders as
well as large orders.  

Whether it is embroidery or screen printing, we can help you
get your image done properly.
Art - the backbone of embroidery and printing

The quality of the embroidery or screen printing on your garments is directly related to the quality of
the art you provide.  For best results, vector art is preferred.  It gives us the most flexibility in getting
your logo the way you want it.  If you do not have vector art available, send us what you have.  We
can convert your files, if necessary, to the proper format for your job.
State of the art equipment makes decorating your
clothing easy.  Computerized embroidery can
duplicate your company logo, or you can use a stock
design and True Type lettering to get your message

Embroidery is done in our manufacturing plant on
our state-of-the-art multi-head embroidery machines.
Multi-color designs are easy to sew and add color
and design to your garments.

Computerized embroidery is available in several
alphabet styles as well as stock and custom logos.
Our custom design service can help you create the
design you want.
Add embroidery to your wardrobe with

Custom Designs

If you have a specific logo or specific graphics or
type style, then your logo must be converted to
embroidery machine language so it can run on
our computerized embroidery machines. Costs
are directly related to the stitch count of the
design. There is a one-time set up charge; in
general your design will last forever.  Get your
logo working for you by adding it to your clothes.
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